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Ask anyone who has a Pandora bracelet and you will immediately find out how much they love this unique piece of jewelry.

Pandora Bracelet - Christmas Themed

Pandora Bracelet - Christmas Themed

Whether you are buying it as a gift or treating yourself (you deserve it!), you will love the versatility that the Pandora line offers.

This changeable piece of jewelry is something you can build over time by adding new pieces. Charms make a great gift for those who have a Pandora bracelet already.

Probably most popular for their line of bracelets, Pandora allows you to choose and design your own style of fashion.

Combine your pick of charms to include on your choice of sterling silver, 14k solid gold, leather or textile bracelet. Get creative, and show off your individuality!

Special occasion? They have charms for many different times of the year or times of your life.

It's a great way to show your different likes and interests all in a elegant piece of jewelry you will love!

Pandora also offers lines of gorgeous rings, beautiful earrings, and stunning necklaces.

How To Build Your Own Pandora Bracelet

First, you will need to start your personal piece of art with your canvas: the bracelet itself. You can use silver, gold, fabric, or leather, and each will have it's own unique traits that will fit you.

We give you some pointers when you come in to see the options as it really is a good idea to be able to touch and feel to see what you want. Also, the length of the bracelet will be determined at this point.

Second, we'll get you a few "stoppers" which will help you keep your charms at a certain location around the bracelet.

Pandora Charm Examples

Pandora Charm Examples

Last, you will select your charms. Express yourself how you see fit while you put yourself in the designer's roll to get something that is uniquely you.

That's it! Three simple steps to getting a fantastic piece of jewelry that people will notice. Plus you get to take all the credit for the compliments on the design!

Come in and speak with one of our knowledgable associates and let us help you get started on your masterpiece today.

How To Care For Your Pandora Bracelet

Care and cleaning is quite simple. We recommend you clean your jewelry once a month, but you may need to clean more often depending on your environment.

We can also help you clean it if you would like. Just drop by our store. While there, check out the latest charms Pandora has to offer. You never know what special ones you might find.

Come in today and get your new bracelet started today!

"I purchased a Pandora bracelet as a wedding gift for my wife, and couldn't be happier. My wife loved it, and I like the symbolism of how the bracelet can change with our marriage through the years." -Bryan from O'Fallon, MO